CCC Cable Coupling Clamp

The Cable Coupling Clamp (CCC01) is a reusable test jig for the purpose of measuring the shielding properties of cables.

The CCC01 is designed to allow easy positioning of the test and injection feed cables in accordance with the layout described in IEC 96-1 Amendment 2 1993-06. This simplifies the process of making repeatable measurements aimed at assessing the coupling and shielding effectiveness properties of a wide range of cables.

The CCC01 design is based on the details of the ‚Äúlauncher‚Ä̬†arrangement, described in IEC 96-1 Amendment 2 1993-06¬†section A.5.6 Line Injection Method (frequency domain).¬†This arrangement is also used in IEC 62153-4-6: 2006 and¬†mandated for the line injection method in EN 50289-1-6.

Key Features

  • Fixed cable routes
  • Cable injection assemblies
  • Supports a range of test cable sizes
  • 0.3 m & 0.5 m test lengths
  • Configurable injection conductor
  • Easy connection to test system